Preferred Client Accounts

Q. What is a preferred client account?

A. Preferred client accounts are established for clients who have a relationship with our showroom. It is needed to access the private client collection and access additional services.

 Q. Who is eligible for a preferred client account?

A. Clients who have established working relationships with our studio or personal relationships with German Valdivia.  These clients have been working with us for a minimum of three years and typically purchase haute couture, made-to-measure or limited edition pieces on a regular basis.  They may have also commissioned specific artistic or design projects with the studio. We have sufficient experience working with their body types and measurements on file are recent. 

Q. Do I need a preferred client account online to purchase anything on your online store?

A. No, you only need it for the Private Client collection because the Private Client collection usually requires some form of customization or personalization. You can order neckties, accessories and even some of our home decor items without even setting up an account with us.

Q. What type of additional services do you offer preferred client accounts?

A.  In-home private presentations for wardrobe or home decor needs are provided complimentary to our preferred accounts seasonally or as requested.  We also provide an array of concierge services, such as personal shopping, in-home alterations or tailoring, messenger drop-off and pick-up, to name a few. 

Q. How do I get a preferred account if I have received one?

A. You can request one here and the showroom will be in touch to verify your account.

Q. Why do you limit access

Sometimes its best to do less. We prefer to work with a smaller group of clients and do an amazing job rather than inundate ourselves with projects we may not feel fully invested in.