Haute Couture, Made to Measure and Bridal Services

A summary of the specialty haute couture, made-to-measure and custom bridal services we offer for our clients.

Haute Couture

Our house provides women's haute couture, demi-couture and full custom haute couture bridal services. Each piece begins with an initial design consultation where we sit with you to fully ascertain your needs and specific event style vision. Afterwards, our team of designers and illustrators prepare a full design presentation comprised of sketches and swatches for your consideration. This process involves an initial muslin fitting and multiple fittings depending on the complexity of the garment. Our end result haute couture pieces stay true to the haute couture principles, resulting in a truly unique, primarily hand sewn garment customized in collaboration with you down to the final stitch.


When haute couture is cost prohibitive, you can opt for a more streamlined made-to-measure service. Our made-to-measure services begin with selecting a particular style from a set of our samples and having a version of it created based on your measurements. This process typically does not require a muslin but does allow for some customizations of color, beading and other elements. Existing clients may opt for this service by logging into your client account when making purchases online.

Timeless Appeal, Heirloom Quality

Haute couture and made-to-measure pieces built by our house have a heir loom qualify difficult to find in traditional department stores or boutiques. Gowns and cocktail dresses we have built over the last two decades have been passed onto our clients' daughters for their own events. We take great care in the creation of all our custom pieces so you can leave assured in fit, function and timeless appeal.

Experienced Artisans

Haute couture and made-to-measure pieces are only as good as the artisans who cut and sew the garment. We only use the best dress makers in New York City who have decades of cumulative experience building haute couture for a global client base. Our network of seamstresses, pattern makers and embellishment experts have spent years servicing private and celebrity clients not only for our house but for some of the most exclusive luxury houses throughout the world.

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