Mission and Values

We are a modern mission driven organization, infusing our creative work with an underlying desire to make a meaningful contribution to this world.  Below you'll find our mission statement and the foundational principles that drive us.


To bring joy to our clients by providing a socially conscious alternative to the traditional luxury fashion house.

Our Values


Each and every one of us has the gift of creativity. We believe the items we fill our spaces with should reveal this connection to creativity; creativity is not exclusive and should be freely shared. All our items are created with an emphasis on quality craftmanship, hand details.


All our actions and thoughts have formative power. The energy from which something is created will have a direct impact on the end user's experience. From design to final stitch, we approach the process with an enthusiasm for what we do.


We are always the best in service of others. Each experience shared can have an impact on how someone feels. From your first visit to the opening of your package, we will always do what we can to uplift.


A business should be a responsible global citizen. We can set an example with strong sustainable and socially conscious practices.

Questions or Feedback?

Enter the conversation. We'd love to hear from you on how you think fashion companies can become better global citizens.