Our Mission and Values

We bring joy during life's most cherished celebrations through well-crafted and unique items with a story.

What We Stand For:

Creativity - Each and every one of us has the gift of creativity.  We believe we can increase joy, happiness and freedom when incorporated into all facets of our daily lives. All our items are designed with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship as well as hand detailing to exceed your expectations.

Integrity - All our actions and thoughts carry with them formative power. The energy from which something is created will have direct impact on the end user's experience.  From design to the final stitch, we come from a pure, mindful space based on love and compassion. 

Service - We are always the best when we are in the service of others.  Each experience we share with someone, big or small, can have an impact on how they feel. From your first visit to opening your package, we will always do what we can to uplift.

Community - A business should be a responsible global citizen. We believe that we can set an example for a reduction in material consumption, sustainable product development, a humanization of the production process and mindful living. We pay a living wage, recycle fabrics, and avoid the use of synthetics whenever possible.