Best Self Tie Bowties

Who makes the best self tie bowties? There are plenty of options out there for self tie bowties. Scroll down to see why we consider our's the best.

The Source of Our Fabrics

Our self tie bowties are made from premium, luxury quality fabrics. As part of our efforts to reduce waste, we focus on using the left over fabrics from larger productions of clothing items like suits or dresses.

Collector Level Quality and Limited Supply

If you are building your own self tie bowtie collection, we're the ones for you. We offer you the best quality fabrics and limited quantity production runs. Your bowtie collection will be full of rare patterns and prints without settling in quality.

Made in New York City

We create all of our bowties in New York City. You can rest assured knowing you're paying good money for a product that guarantees a living wage to those who help create it. As a direct to consumer company, you're also supporting an independent retailer at a fraction of the costs of what traditional luxury houses charge for a similar quality bowtie.

Bowties that Plant Trees

Our self tie bowties plant trees, for real. We have partnered with One Tree Planted to ensure each self tie bowtie sold results in the planting of one tree in reforestation efforts worldwide.

Still not convinced?

Give us a shot like the hundreds of others who've been with us along the way. We won't disappoint. If we do, we have an easy return policy.

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