Changes at Our Loft

The German Valdivia loft on 56th Street has undergone some major changes and we're welcoming this new chapter in our story.

We made a simple rule to carry us through it all: treat everyone, everything and every experience that matters even more special than we normally would.

This last Mother's Day, the studio lost our cherished showroom yorkie, Lolita, through a tragic accident. Anyone who had the privilege to meet Lolita knew what a beautiful life force she was, and how much she meant to German, having been by his side through some of life's most significant moments. Her abrupt loss (among other things) forced German and our entire showroom family to refocus our priorities.  

Lolita hanging out on German during one of our photoshoots in Williamsburg.

After her loss, the appointments with new clients, personal shoppers, and all the other industry players just seemed too exhausting and unfulfilling. Like a walk down Fifth Ave these days (...or most of Manhattan depending on who you ask...), it just felt like there was something missing. What we realized was that the very basis for our work in design was actually going waaaaay off course...totally veering in a direction we weren't happy with and gulping up our time.

Lolita's loss made us realize a change was needed. Like anything seemingly huge in front of your face, the most important change was in our mindset and approach. We made a simple rule to carry us through it all: treat everyone, everything and every experience that matters even more special than we normally would. For us, it was obvious we needed to open up our lives so we could apply this rule with those we love, our communities, and those experiencing difficult challenges who could use our extra support.

Lolita used to lounge on the vintage black couch in the showroom during fittings.

When it comes to our "work," we're making the following changes to support our new approach:

  • We'll be having fun with what we create from start to finish. As we move forward, you'll begin to see even more special in the items we make, from our hand painted silk to our own hand embellished beading. Our focus for custom work will be on haute couture. 
  • The loft on 56th will be reserved for a select number of existing clients only, and to support our own creativity, we're limiting the number of haute couture pieces that will be worked on at any given moment.
  • We'll be using technology to make personalized ordering seamless. While many other items will be available online for purchase, our online store will now offer private clients personalized ordering services. Items custom ordered will now be digitally graded based on your measurements and preferences. Eligible clients require an approved account with us to ensure personalization is up to our exceptional standards.

We're very grateful to have so many stand by us throughout the last several years. As our family grows and thrives, we look forward to creating something even more special than before.



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